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Road Dogg Wanted To Fight CM Punk In WWE: He’s Not A Nice Person, He Disrespected Us

Road Dogg says his issues with CM Punk were big enough that he almost considered fighting him over it.

During the new episode of his Oh… You Didn’t Know? podcast on, Road Dogg was speaking about world championship runs when he talked about the perception behind “needing” a world title win.

“So cool to win a title, don’t get me wrong, so cool,” Dogg explained, “but if you’re coming into this with the CM Punk mentality of ‘I need to be a main event, I need to be a champion,’ you’ve got bigger fish to fry. You need to take a [sings Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’]…”

Road Dogg spoke about performers wanting to have certain clauses in their contracts, so co-host Casio Kid asked if he wanted to “let loose and name names.” Road Dogg said he already did enough namedropping before CM Punk’s now-infamous All Out press conference took place, then shared why he still doesn’t have any respect for the two-time AEW Champion.

“Bro, I’ve been burying him for years, and I’m not kidding. He’s not a nice person. He’s not a good — I don’t know. I don’t know. If you’ve been friends with somebody for so long and all the sudden you’re in a lawsuit over stuff and you can’t just talk to it? I just don’t understand it, but that’s not the straw that broke the camel’s back for me,” Road Dogg said. “It was when we actually had to work with him in our 2014 run [in WWE]. Seeing the attitude he had towards me and Billy — granted, we were not Hall Of Famers at the time, but we were on our way to be for sure — and we were the New Age Outlaws, at least we’d been there as long as he had, you know what I mean? He showed us not respect, he showed us disrespect, so that was that. You don’t get a second chance at that. I’m showing you respect, why aren’t you showing me respect? Honky Tonk Man said, ‘I don’t bodyslam you, why are you bodyslamming me?’

“The truth of it is, respect is a two-way street and if you don’t give it, you dang sure ain’t getting it. Not from me, and you got one shot at that, from me and Billy. It was just, he talked to us negatively and if I hadn’t had a job there, if I wouldn’t have been newly hired, I probably would’ve fought him. I feel relatively confident I would’ve come out on top. This was prior to his [MMA training], so maybe I would’ve come out on top, maybe I wouldn’t have,” Road Dogg proclaimed, “but I was willing to find out. That’s enough burying Punk, he’s burying himself good enough right now.”

The New Age Outlaws and CM Punk had a brief run together in January 2014. Later that year, Road Dogg returned to working as a producer while Billy Gunn resumed his duties as a trainer in NXT.

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