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5 Greatest Intercontinental Champions Of All Time

The Intercontinental Championship is considered to be among the most prestigious titles in all of wrestling. From its early beginnings in 1979 where Pat Patterson reportedly won it in a “tournament in Rio de Janeiro”. Since then, there have been around 82 different champions and it was long considered the second-most important title in WWE.

The Intercontinental title in a way was always seen as a “stepping stone” for superstars before they eventually reached main event status and competed for the world title. Former World champions holding the Intercontinental title most definitely helped its prestige as well. However, in modern times, there’s little doubt that the value of the title has gone down despite some extremely impressive title reigns.

There have been many incredible Intercontinental Champions over the decades, but only few can stand out as the very best. Here are five of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time.

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