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5 Heels Who Struggled During Babyface Runs

In the world of pro wrestling, there are no off-seasons and barring injuries, it’s not that common for superstars to get time off. Due to the nature of the business, there is always a constant requirement to keep the product fresh and keep characters fresh by preventing them from stagnating in a particular role.

There are very few exceptions of versatile superstars who can thrive big time in both a heel and babyface capacity, even on the biggest stage like WWE. What tends to happen more is that a superstar goes through a trial-and-error process and discovers which side of a character they feel more natural in and they thrive more at.

These are the superstars who thrive in a certain role and struggle when flipping to the other side. There have been many faces who failed as heels, but there are also natural heels who struggled as babyfaces. We look at the latter side of things in this list.

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