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5 WWE Tag Team Breakups That Had No Payoff

In WWE, tag team alliances are anything but permanent. Unless your team’s name is The New Day, there’s a high chance that your team in WWE would eventually split up. To the most part, the split-ups are done via betrayals by one or member that usually has the objective of helping push one superstar to a new level as a singles star.

In order to do that, there needs to be a payoff – a match where the better superstar is decided or a story is told for them to conclude their rivalry. However, that doesn’t always happen. In many different cases, tag teams simply break up abruptly without any real payoff whatsoever.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as in certain situations, it’s simply good to not have one member necessarily turn on the other. Moreover, it also opens the door down the line for a possible reunion.

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