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D-Von Dudley Gave Permission To Current WWE Tag Team To Use The 3D

D-Von Dudley has granted permission for a current WWE tag team to use a signature move.

The Dudley Boyz ruled the tag team division in the Attitude Era of WWE. The former WWF Tag Team Champions would engage in multiple high-risk bouts with the likes of the Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian. During their tenure, Bubba and D-Von would craft their signature 3D finishing maneuver to put away their opponents.

At WWE’s Day 1 event this year, The Usos utilized the 3D to defeat the New Day. In speaking with The A2theK Wrestling Show, D-Von confirmed that the Usos had sought out permission to use the move prior to their Day 1 match.

“They came to me during a live event. We were talking and I was producing the live event. I think I was producing it with Jamie Noble and they had asked me and said, ‘D-Von, we would we were just talking and shooting the stuff’ and we were like, ‘Yeah like when we [Dudley Boyz] wrestle, when we worked with the Usos, we were talking about when we hit 3D on them, this and that. They were just like, ‘Yeah, D-Von,’ especially Jey because Jey is so energetic. He’s like, ‘Yeah, we’ll hit the 3D, bang! Woo!’ He was like, ‘Yo, I was just talking to my brother the other day, and I was like, Why don’t we ask D-Von can we use the 3D?’

I said, ‘It’s an honor and a pleasure to do that from you guys.’ I was like, ‘I wouldn’t have it any other way,'” Dudley clarified. “If my boys wanted to wrestle – which they are wrestling — but, the day that they get on the main stage, they’re going to want to use 3D too. I said, ‘you can do it now. Absolutely. Nobody else is doing it. Plus you’re paying homage to me and Bubba.'”

D-Von continued on to clarify that doesn’t “get mad” when other wrestlers use his moves. In addition, he recalled the full circle moment of watching the Usos grow up, to then wrestling them and watching them pay tribute to the Dudley Boyz.

“I said [to them], ‘I’m not like some wrestlers who get all bent out of shape [and say] ‘Hey dude what the [redacted]? You using my move man. I’ll choke you out.’ I don’t get mad. Bubba and I don’t get mad at that. We actually sit there and say thank you to the younger generation,” he explained.

“These guys (Usos) were kids. I remember when the Usos used to play with my sons in catering at the events, throwing paper plates like Frisbees around. It’s one of those things now that I’m looking across the ring and it’s like the Dudley versus the Usos, and I’m like, ‘Wow, you talk about the change. Good God.’ I mean, it blew my mind. So for them to come to me and ask me, ‘Is it okay if we use the 3D?’, I looked at them and said, ‘F yeah, I would. I would love for you guys to do that.’ And they were like, ‘great.’

The tag team specialist further revealed he actually provided tips to the Usos on how to properly execute the move. He also warned fans “to get off their high horse” when knocking the superstars down, encouraging fans to give the wrestlers an actual chance to perform.

“I showed them and told them different things about how to do it. Keep the opponents’ both legs closed, have them stand straight up. Even when he’s coming back with it, have the guys stay straight, don’t fall backwards with them. When they hit it–I was home actually recuperating from the back surgery when I saw it. I’m watching the pay-per-view and aazell of a sudden I looked and I went ‘They just hit 3D?’ Then I was like, ‘Oh shit, they did.’ I went back and I was like, ‘okay, good, good.'”

Then of course, the fans were like, ‘Oh, I can’t believe they hit the 3D, That’s disrespectful.’ Then I went on Twitter and go, ‘go f yourselves. They asked for permission to use it, they didn’t need to ask, but they asked for permission. They were being nice about it, they hit it perfectly. Leave these guys alone. Let the new generation be what you wanted us to be back in the day.’

“Because when me and Bubba, The Hardyz, Edge, and Christian came on the scene, nobody believed in us. They were still stuck in and Andre [The Giant] and [Hulk] Hogan, Ric Flair and Dusty [Rhodes] era. The British Bulldogs, the Demolition, the LOD , the Rock and Roll Express, the Midnight Express, the Freebirds, no one ever gave us a chance. Then all of a sudden, when the fans finally started giving us a chance, then it became magic,” he declared.

“I just feel like if these fans would stop and get off their high horse. Let these kids be them and let them do what they do best, then maybe you’ll see the same thing you saw in the Attitude Era. But if you get knocking them, they’re not going to perform to their best because you keep knocking them.”

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