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Sgt. Slaughter Was An Integral Part Of WWF’s Biggest Eras Whether He Was Proud American Or Turncoat Heel

When it comes to polarizing figures in the history of the professional wrestling business, Sgt. Slaughter certainly sits near the top of the list. A patriotic babyface and a turncoat heel, Slaughter was just as integral to Vince McMahon’s promotion as any other during his time. Whether it was headlining Wrestlemania VII against Hulk Hogan or acting as the on-screen commissioner during the beginning of the Attitude Era, Slaughter remains one of the most recognizable faces in the business.

Slaughter began his pro wrestling career with the former American Wrestling Alliance promotion, performing as the character Super Destroyer Mark II. His time as Super Destroyer would see him share the ring with the likes of Andre the Giant, Jesse Ventura and Greg Gagne, along with being managed by Lord Alfred Hayes and Bobby Heenan.

Slaughter would then join the WWF in 1980, seeing him move quickly up the title ranks thanks in part to his Cobra Clutch challenge, in which he would offer opponents $5000 to break the hold. He would challenge WWF Champion Bob Backlund for the title unsuccessfully before entering into a feud with Pat Patterson, leading to one of the best hardcore matches in the history of the business in their “Alley Fight” on May 4th, 1981.

Slaughter would leave the WWF for the NWA for a brief stint, winning both the NWA United States Heavyweight and World Tag Team titles in his time with the company. Slaughter would make his way back to the WWF in March of 1983, this time as the patriotic face, defending the USA against the villainous Iron Sheik. The two would wrestle countless matches against each other, including their infamous Boot Camp match on May 21, 1984, before Slaughter left the company again over a dispute with McMahon.

Slaughter would return to the AWA in 1985 to help the struggling promotion against the WWF, immediately becoming one of the more recognizable faces in Verne Gagne’s company. Finding success by winning the AWA America’s Heavyweight championship from Larry Zbyszko shortly after his arrival, Slaughter would be a mainstay in the company before leaving to return to the WWF following 1990’s Wrestlemania VI.

The USA’s pride and joy in wrestling would return as the most hated villain, siding with Saddam Hussein and Iraq in a time of war for the country. Slaughter’s villainous tactics would see him capture his first WWF Heavyweight Championship at the 1991 Royal Rumble against Ultimate Warrior, holding the title until his Wrestlemania VII defeat at the hands of Hulk Hogan. Slaughter would turn face again soon after and wrestled in a few feuds before disappearing at the end of 1994.

Sarge would make his presence known again when he was named the on-screen commissioner in 1997, acting as a foil to Triple H and Shawn Michaels’s D-Generation X faction. He would wrestle Triple H at the D-Generation X: In Your House pay-per-view in a Boot Camp match, ending in a losing effort for the commissioner. Slaughter would transition to being one of McMahon’s “stooges”, helping the boss in his heated rivalry with Steve Austin, before moving to a backstage role while making sporadic on-screen appearances throughout the years.

Slaughter was rewarded for his excellent career in 2004 when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, etching his name among the greatest in the business.

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sgt slaughter

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