brutus beefcake

Brutus Beefcake’s 5 Best Matches

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was an ideal wrestler for his time. He falls into the category of superstars who were very popular for their time, but aren’t as well-regarded many years later. It’s a bit understandable as to why that’s the case, because of how “gimmicky” his character was, but even so, it fit well for the time period.

One must remember that this was an era where superstars were given over-the-top gimmicks, and Brutus Beefcake, to his credit, made it work pretty well. He got quite over as well, and it definitely helped that he was friends with Hulk Hogan. Regardless, the biggest strength that Beefcake had was versatility of characters – he could play a heel and face both convincingly, and get over well with both.

He faced a lot of unsuccessful character changes post-facial injury, but even so, he did have quite a few good matches. Here are the very best of them.