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5 Amazing Facts About Brock Lesnar

5 Amazing Facts About Brock Lesnar
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Brock Lesnar is a megastar. Making his name as a headliner in both WWE and the UFC, The Beast Incarnate exploded in mainstream popularity and is viewed as a ‘special attraction’ by both companies. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Lesnar was only a full-time star with WWE for two years. Since his 2012 return, he’s been a part-time star, much to the ire of many fans.

In his time as a wrestler, however, Lesnar has accomplished what many superstars haven’t and some that nobody ever will. Even in UFC he smashed PPV records. But the man himself is quite private and not too much about him is known.


With that said, let’s get to five interesting facts about Brock Lesnar

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