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5 Incredible Facts About Andre The Giant

5 Incredible Facts About André The Giant
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Andre The Giant is known to us as the larger-than-life figure who dominated the world of pro wrestling and is known to be one of the all-time greats. At one point, he was literally the biggest celebrity in the world.  Although Andre exploded into mainstream popularity when WWF went on national television, he was still a star attraction wherever he went, selling out arenas constantly.

While most know him as the larger-than-life megastar, he was well-known among his peers and colleagues as a charming, funny and witty man who loved to have fun. With most adoring him, there have been some legendary stories about The Gentle Giant. There are many incredible things to know about him, and these are just five of them.

#5.) Beer-drinking record

There have been many stories over the years of Andre’s drinking escapades. Perhaps the greatest one involves an unofficial record where André drank 156 beers in a single sitting!

The jaw-dropping number could stem from the fact that Andre never got drunk easily(due to his size).  However, it should be noted that he was never known by his peers to be a major drinker by any means. However, his colleague in The Princess Bride Cary Elwes went on record to state that he had once gotten so drunk that he passed out in the hotel lobby!