Sean Waltman’s 5 Greatest Matches

sean waltman
Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Sean Waltman, though an integral part of WWE’s New Generation Era, a portion of WCW and the Attitude Era as well, often goes overlooked in terms of his ability in the ring. Many forget how long he was in the business, starting off at a rather young age. He made his debut around the age of 21 and with his look, belonged to a new breed of wrestlers in the New Generation Era.

Gone were the days of just bulky, tall men being the only main eventers. With their biggest stars either retiring or jumping ship to WCW, WWE began to take a chance on the smaller and agiler superstars who could go in the ring. It was a transitionary period for the company, but an interesting one, with Monday Night RAW being in its infancy.

Sean Waltman/X-Pac has faced some of the biggest legends of the business and had some of the most outstanding yet overlooked matches. We list the top five.

#5.) Owen Hart – King Of The Ring Semi-Final 1994

This is one of the few times you’re going to see a match that lasted only 4-minutes on this list. The reason we choose this is that this match is the perfect example of how to do a short match right. It was explosive, action-packed and quick-paced, keeping the fans on their feet the whole way through.

Owen Hart is another criminally underrated worker and the two put everything they had in the short match. The two went back and forth so quick it was hard to catch up.  It had a “real fight” feel to it and it was a contest that showed that either competitor could have won the match at any given time. It was Owen who caught Waltman, then known as the 1-2-3 Kid in his tracks and submitted him for a quick sharpshooter victory.