sean waltman
Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Sean Waltman’s 5 Greatest Rivalries

Sean Waltman has made his name in the wrestling business through various personas and names. Through the years, he’s displayed outstanding in-ring skills for his time and showcased the ability to play different kinds of characters. His evolution as a character is one to note and although many people may not know it, he’s had an impact on the wrestling business.

In an age where bigger, muscular wrestlers were chosen to be top stars primarily for their look, he paved the way for “smaller” wrestlers to enjoy the success that they do today. Before Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, etc. Waltman was part of a new generation of superstars who were determined to prove that size wasn’t the only thing that mattered.

He’s worked, partnered and feuded with some of the greatest that the business has to offer and whether it was as part of a tag team, faction or singles star, we focus on his five best feuds.

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