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WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/25): R-Truth Debuts Truth TV, Aiden English Comes Clean, Samoa Joe Crosses The Line, More

September 25th, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In Ring Segment: Truth TV

R-Truth and Carmella are in the ring. R-Truth’s first guest is Daniel Bryan. Bryan joins R-Truth and Carmella in the ring. R-Truth says he has a lot of questions for Bryan. R-Truth puts on a pair of reading glasses and asks a few questions. R-Truth asks Bryan how cathartic it would be if Bryan defeated Miz at Super Showdown and went on to compete for the WWE title. Bryan says that R-Truth asked a very insightful question and this show is way better than Miz TV. Carmella tells R-Truth to its time. Time for what? The seven-second dance party segment. R-Truth and Carmella dance for seven seconds and sit back down. Bryan says beating Miz will cover all bases and be cathartic. Miz interrupts. Miz asks R-Truth what he is doing. R-Truth says two weeks ago he beat Miz.

If Miz had a championship it would be R-Truth’s. Since Miz doesn’t have a championship, R-Truth took his talk show! Miz says he knows why all these people love him. Why? One of the reasons is because Bryan always fights fare. That’s why Bryan will never beat Miz. Miz will do whatever it takes to win. Miz says he will do anything to move onto the WWE Championship. Bryan is too proud to do what needs to be done to win. If Bryan cheats, Bryan will forever tarnish the name “Daniel Bryan”. R-Truth tells Miz he ran too long and killed R-Truth’s planned animal segment. R-Truth bans Miz from the show for life. R-Truth says if Miz wants his show back R-Truth will fight him for it. In the middle of Miz speaking R-Truth and Carmella have another dance break.


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