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EVIL Puts Chris Jericho On Blast Ahead Of NJPW Power Struggle, Says Zack Sabre Jr. Rivalry Not Over

The man who will challenge the IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho at NJPW Power Struggle on November 3 is EVIL, and he gave an exclusive interview to NJPW World about the upcoming match against a great like Chris Jericho and his unfinished business against Zack Sabre Jr.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

On when his rivalry with Jericho was sparked off:

Actually before that at Dontaku (May 3), when Jericho attacked Naito and went on a rampage, I came in to help run him off.

I don’t know whether you could say we were connected from that point, but it was the same as at Dominion. Then, it was after the match and Chris Jericho felt he that he could do whatever he wanted and keep beating down Naito. At that point, I stepped in. That was about putting a stop to him, it wasn’t me throwing my hat in the ring.

That ring is my domain. My domain, my rules. And if you don’t abide, then I’ll have to make you.

On Jericho attacking him at King of Pro Wrestling:

I kind of knew that he’d come after me at some point, but I see where the idea came from. Before a match, it makes more impact, it’s more embarrassing, more humiliating. In that regard, I get it. He got me good.

He’ll really stop at nothing to get what he wants. But when it comes to that, I have a few tricks of my own…

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On unfinished business with Zack Sabre Jr.:

(Zack) pinned me twice. I was dead set on righting that wrong, and then it became a no contest. Jericho comes in, asks for a singles match and New Japan gave it to him just like that. The company moved fast enough to give you whiplash.

Jericho match or no, I’ve not forgotten about Zack. He didn’t overwrite that save file, he just started a new game.


You can read the entire interview HERE.