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Zack Sabre Jr. Wants Another Match Against Bryan Danielson, Specifically In England

Zack Sabre Jr. looks back (and ahead) on his rivalry with Bryan Danielson.

With two wins each, Zack Sabre Jr. and Bryan Danielson are currently at a stalemate in their singles encounters. As such, many fans have proposed the idea of a rubber match. The question is — where would it be?

“I think we were talking about the North Pole,” Sabre Jr. joked at the Forbidden Door media scrum. “What’s the weather like this time of year?”

Looking back on their previous faceoffs, Sabre Jr. called special attention to their first one, which emanated from a pub in Coventry, England. On this occasion, Danielson defeated Sabre Jr. in a two-out-of-three falls match. Despite the loss, though, Sabre Jr. believes this performance provided a significant boost to his career. With this in mind, Sabre Jr. is keen on coming full circle for another match in England.

“Our first match was in England. We had a rematch in Germany that’s somewhat forgotten, and then we had the match of Wrestle Dream and Japan. I know that Bryan says he’s winding it down, but he’s a pervert, in a wrestling sense. That’s not against his character. We at least have to have one more match in England,” Sabre Jr. said.

“I’ve said this count times, but when I wrestled with Bryan for the first time in England in front of a pub in front of 50 people when he had no idea who I was, he gave me so much. It kickstarted my entire career, and I can never repay the debt to him outside of trying to break all his limbs. I’m yet to tap out Bryan Danielson, so we have to have at least one more match where he lets me try.”

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