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Taz On What WWE Might Look Like Without Vince McMahon & The Possibility Of Mike Tenay To WWE

Taz On What WWE Might Look Like Without Vince McMahon & The Possibility Of Mike Tenay To WWE
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ECW legend Taz recently appeared on The Taz Show podcast to discuss a number of topics including the recent rash of injuries in WWE, the company’s inevitable transition period from Vince McMahon, and on rumors about Mike Tenay signing with WWE.

On Injuries In The World Of Professional Wrestling:

I don’t think it’s the long travel mileage. I think it’s not having enough days off at times. I think it’s the talent, men and women, do not get enough credit for how full fuc*ing speed they go and you have to go on house shows, not just TV. You have to give 100% every match and all these guys and girls do that. I’m promising you they do. This business is physical as sh*t, guys. I promise it’s no bullsh*t….I’m letting you know the main thing is how physical it is all the time and how many shows they have. The long travel plays a part in it to a little bit of a degree. If you’re thinking about Triple H, him tearing his pec, I mean that could happen to anyone, but Triple H is almost near 50 years old. I’m 51 years old and I think he might be a year or two younger than me. I don’t know his exact age [49]. We came up in the business at the same time. I’m just letting you know that the guy has trained hard his whole life and all that stuff. He’s had injuries and he’s a big son of a b*tch and he looks great for his age. God, I envy how great he looks. I wish I looked as good as him, but you know what? He’s not in full throttle wrestling shape, wrestling all the time. Neither is Undertaker. Neither is Kane. Neither is Shawn Michaels. These guys are older guys….I think H tearing his pec, it’s a little bit different situation. I think age plays a part in that, lack of being full time and trying to work like you used to work. I think that’s what happened to Triple H and you gotta give the man credit for finishing the match. I tip my cap to him. Most wrestlers have had to go through matches where they had to finish when they’re hurt. He’s done it a few times. It’s a bit*h. It’s tough and you’ve gotta respect him, but as far as the other talent on the card, there’s a lot of people hurt, sure, but that’s why they have a deep roster. Everywhere they look, they have to, because it’s a next man up, next girl up mentality. It has to be and it’s not being vicious. It’s just like the NFL or just like the NBA. It’s a sports franchise at the end of the day, except these fuc*ers don’t get an off season. There’s no time to regroup your body. I’ve always said that about the industry. Pro Wrestlers are a hybrid of an actor, an athlete and a stuntman or woman. The thing is, all pro athletes have off-seasons to recoup their body and get themselves back where they were and to rest their body. You don’t have that opportunity as a WWE Superstar or if you’re full time in Japan or Ring of Honor or when TNA was going full throttle with shows non-stop. You don’t have that off-season and if you’re in the independent scene and making good money, the last thing you want is an off-season because you’ve got to work every Friday, Saturday, Sunday to make money. You don’t want an off-season. Those fuc*ers are working hard too, so it’s not just the guys & girls in WWE. I don’t think it’s the long travel and hours on the plane, all that jazz. I don’t……I don’t think the long flights are the reason why. It’s the amount of work and no off-season and the talent is going full throttle all the time.

On What The WWE Might Look Like Once The Company Transitions From Vince McMahon:

I think it’s pretty well documented and assumed that Triple H and Steph will run the company and I gotta tell you I do think that they will do a good job, a real good job. You see the success of NXT and the bulk bulk bulk of that is obviously Triple H’s brainchild, you know what I mean? Look, times are changing. Things are different. It’s a younger person’s business now. Vince is in his 70s, you know what I mean? He’s still, from what I understand, got his head together and he’s still a very intelligent man and one of the most creative people I’ve ever met in my life, so I think WWE will be fine when the sad day comes when Vince is not involved anymore. You’re gonna have to carry him out of there because I can tell you, he is, you have no idea. You guys have some sort of idea of how passionate he is about the WWE, but he loves the business, not just WWE. He loves the business, the history of the business, the tradition of the business. I’ve heard him say these things with my own ears and he does and that’s why you’ll see guys and girls get put in the Hall of Fame that maybe never wrestled in the WWE or WWF. It will be fine. I think Triple H and Stephanie are running it. I do. I think it will be fine.

On The Possibility Of Mike Tenay Coming To WWE:

I don’t know. I’ll tell you this. I’ve heard those rumors. Quite frankly, I hoped those rumors are true because the WWE can use a guy like Mike Tenay in any capacity, on camera, behind the scenes. His wit is awesome on camera. His research, his intellect, his mindset on the business, his legacy, his tradition, it’s all there on camera. He knows his sh*t, Mike Tenay. Behind the scenes fuc*ing guy’s got a great fuc*ing mind and he stays on top of the industry, so if something happens – I can’t say much – if something happens and he is part of WWE, or you see him in WWE, I think it’s not a good thing, it’s a great thing and it would be a great hire by World Wrestling Entertainment.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

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