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Johnny Impact Remembers His Friendship With Matt Cappotelli

Johnny Impact Remembers His Friendship With Matt Cappotelli
Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Johnny Impact spoke with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful to speak on a myriad of topics. The IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion would take his time to reminisce on OVW and in particular, his friendship with the late Matt Cappotelli. Cappotell passed away this past June due to complications with brain cancer, but prior to his health declining, he was a co-winner on Tough Enough 3 with Impact and they roomed together during their time at OVW.

Here’s an excerpt below:

“Man, it’s still tough for me to talk about Matt a little bit. To this day, he’s one of the best people I’ve met in this business, and my first best friend in the wrestling business. We were co-winners of Tough Enough 3. Moved to Louisville together on the same day, moved in together. I talked to him about anything that was bothering me in wrestling. You know one of my favorite things about him? It didn’t matter how crappy practice was, he’d throw on some classic rock. Something like Petty, and was so positive and happy, it really affected me. It made me positive and happy. I carried that with me from the day that I met him.”

He would also speak briefly on the time he was invited to OVW’s 1000th show but was unable to attend though he continues to praise the product.

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