WWE “Legendary” Slam Crate Unboxing (Photos)

If you haven’t subscribed to Loot Crate’s bi-monthly WWE Slam Crate you definitely should! We just got the latest one, which was “Legendary” themed and it comes with some neat WWE goodies!

This last WWE Slam Crate comes with some awesome stuff, including the following:

  • WWE Slam Stars Ultimate Warrior Action Figure  – with build-a-ring pieces
  • Razor Ramon toothpick holder
  • Ric Flair “Woo” shirt
  • DX Belt Plates Enamel Pins
  • Jake the Snake cinch bag
  • Legends WWE poster (seen in video)
  • Randy Orton poster (seen in video)

Whether you want some cool WWE gear to rep or some conversation starter pieces, like the Razor Ramon toothpick holder, the Slam Crate is the way to go. Each month has a theme to it and all the goodies inside revolve around that.

The coolest thing in this crate is definitely the Ultimate Warrior figure. He features some articulation as well as comes with some pieces to collect and connect a WWE ring to his scale. Each figure in the set comes with parts that once you have all four you can build a ring. Now you don’t have to get them in order as the past sets come with the same pieces, too.

The next crate comes with an AJ Styles Slam Stars figure, which can be seen in the gallery below. If you do choose to subscribe you have to order by the next order date, December 15th, in order to receive the upcoming crate. Warrior’s window has closed but if you’d like AJ make sure you order him right away before the cut off. If you decide to order you can order here and use discount code MBG to Save 10%! See more on this crate in the video below!