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Man Responsible For Hospitalizing Cuervo Being Advertised For Upcoming Events As ‘Brick Thrower’

Even after public outcry, as well as a motion to strip Angel O Demonio of his wrestling license, it seems that has not affected his bookings.

Angel O Demonio, the man who seriously injured Puerto Rican luchador, Cuervo de Puerto Rico, with a cinder block earlier this month is now being advertised for upcoming events in Mexico and being marketed as ‘the brick thrower’.

Promotion Lucha Juarez has recently began promotion showcasing Angel O Demonio as a star of the show, even using the cinder block that has made him infamous as a selling point.

On November 22, there was a tribute show to Cuervo de Puerto Rico, in the Arena Naucalpan, where all the stars of Mexico came out to raise money for Cuervo’s operations and well being. Pentagon Zero M, Fenix, LA Park, Puma King to name a few.

Angel O Demonio did publish a video on his Facebook, in which he spoke about the event, saying:

“I feel very bad for the guy, I am devastated as a person and dismayed for Cuervo, for me it has been very difficult  these days, I just ask that it (surgery) goes well”

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