Sinn Bodhi
Photo Credit: Oscar Rodriguez @Oscar_Kings_Studio

Exclusive: Sinn Bodhi Comments On Cuervo’s Health Following Concrete Block Incident, Calls The Act Needless And Disgusting

I recently spoke with Sinn Bodhi about the incident that saw Cuervo hospitalized after being smashed in the head with a concrete block during a match in Mexico.

Bodhi explained that he was Cuervo’s roommate while they were staying in Mexico for a group of shows for International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG), and would pick up other wrestling dates in between the IWRG events. Bodhi was watching the Lucha Extrema show (where the incident took place) and went to see friends as he wasn’t there to work that particular show, and watched the match from the ‘gorilla’ position. (Cuervo is from Puerto Rico and he was supposed to fly home Monday after doing the show)

Bodhi said they had an issue communicating each other due to the language barrier, but did their best to translate to communicate and talk about the match because he felt Cuervo was a bit worried about it. He stressed that Demonio acted without any planning or warning, and this was not a spot that went wrong.

As seen in the video of the match, Cuervo had his back turned and was not looking at the brick, and Demonio launched—without warning—the 15-20 pound brick at where Cuervo was standing. Bodhi says he then saw people rush to the ring and Cuervo was said to be on ‘spaghetti legs’ while he was helped to the backstage area.

The backstage area was described as being pretty crazy, with the doctor trying to hold the wound on Cuervo’s head closed, and Cuervo’s eyes rolled back in his head and he was vomiting, showing signs of a concussion. While this was going on, Demonio entered the locker room and Cuervo was said to have said something incoherently in Spanish at him. Demonio then replied in Spanish in their direction, and Bodhi said he replied ‘no agendo español’ (I don’t know Spanish) and continued to tend to Cuervo.

Bodhi said he later learned that Demonio said [in Spanish, which was later translated to Bodhi after Demonio left the arena] that he was upset that Cuervo hit him too hard with chair shots earlier in the match. He said he was aiming for Cuervo’s back, not his head, and tried to pass blame on Cuervo, saying it was his fault for not looking or moving out of the way. Bodhi says Demonio tried to pass this off as giving a ‘receipt’ for the chair shots, but cited working with him (Cuervo) previously and said Cuervo is not a stiff worker at all, and likened it more to Demonico carrying out a premeditated attack.

Bodhi said he traveled with Cuervo along with a few other wrestlers to the hospital, and was in the computer room while Cuervo had a CAT scan / MRI. He said there was a large, 1-2 inch thick crescent-shaped mark on the imaging machine that showed all of the blood pooling up on Cuervo’s skull. Bodhi confirmed Cuervo did have surgery to repair the clot, and said the wrestler did open his eyes briefly last night, but remains unconscious in the hospital as of this afternoon.

“I don’t think he should be allowed in a wrestling ring again; this guy doesn’t deserve the privilege of being a wrestler.”

Angel o Demonio Suspended Indefinitely By Mexican Wrestling Commission After Cuervo / Concrete Block Incident

When I noted the Mexican Professional Boxing and Wrestling Commission announced an indefinite suspension, Bodhi said that’s good, and called it a ‘bare minimum’ considering what happened. In his own opinion, Bodhi said he’s surprised that Demonio is not being arrested for attempted murder, and said while he doesn’t know how it will ultimately play out, he believes an arrest should be made.

Luchablog had previously reported that Cuervo suffered a epidural hematoma and a skull fracture, and may spend 7-10 days in the hospital before being transferred to a rehabilitation facility. Bodhi said right now his focus is on Cuervo’s health, and while Cuervo’s vitals are good, they won’t know the extent of the damage until he wakes up. Bodhi noted that he was on his way to the hospital after we spoke, and the doctors were hoping to attempt to wake him up.

“Yes I was there. Cuervo is my friend and roommate here. [This match] was his first extreme match and he was nervous. I told him to always be aware and smart.”

Bodhi added,

“This was needless, disgusting and not in anyway a spot that was preplanned and botched. The person that did this is an awful human.”

He says he hopes people focus on Cuervo, and wants to ‘leave that other guy in the rear view’ and not give him any kind of attention or notoriety.

Bodhi also put over the brotherhood of wrestling, praising Pentagon Jr, LA PARK, Juvented Guerrera, Judas Mesias and many others who came to the aid of Cuervo, even though they don’t know him very well. He spoke about the benefit show tomorrow night, noting the talent is working for free tomorrow night, and all of the promoters are working together to help pay for the show and related advertisements, and Cuervo’s medical bills.

Bodhi said they are working to setup a Paypal related donation account, and they are trying to finalize plans for that so the money would go directly to Cuervo’s family. He said he doesn’t know too many details about it right now due to being at Cuervo’s side in the hospital since the incident happened, but will continue to provide updates on how people can help out.

Update: Bodhi has since posted the following details on how to donate: