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Impact Wrestling Results (12/6): Johnny Impact And Taya Valkyrie Battle Moose and Tessa Blanchard, More

Impact Wrestling Results

December 6th, 2018

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Ultimate X Qualifier Match: Jake Crist w/Dave Crist and Sami Callihan vs Wille Mack w/Rich Swann

Mack floors Jake with a shoulder block. After a tackle/drop down spot Mack blast Jake with a dropkick. Jake tries a splash but Mack catches Jake and hits a Samoan drop. Standing moonsault by Mack. Jake kicks out. Jake rolls out of the ring. Mack tries a dive but Mack spinning wheel kicks Mack. Running knee on the apron by Crist. Crist puts Mack in a modified camel clutch. Jake Crist distracts the referee while Callihan chokes Mack. Mack surprises Jake with a clothesline. Mack lands a leg drop. Mack sets up the stunner. Jake avoids it.

Jake hits the ropes. Mack lifts Jake in the air and hits a sick European uppercut. Slingshot code breaker by Mack. Jake kicks out. Mack goes up top. Jake cuts Mack off with a head kick. Jake tries a superplex. Mack turns it into a sunset flip powerbomb. Jack responds with a superkick followed by a German suplex. Mack kicks out at two. Mack manages to exploder suplex Jake into the corner. Mack puts Jake in the tree of woe. Mack goes up top. Jack hits a super cutter after a distraction from Callihan for the win.

Winner- Jake Crist

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