Matt Taven On His Desire To Headline The G-1 Supershow At MSG And His Dream Opponent

matt taven
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Matt Taven will have his hands full this Friday as he’ll face Dalton Castle at Ring Of Honor’s Final Battle. He spoke with Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman on the WINCLY podcast to discuss his match on Dec. 14 as well as wanting to headline to the ROH G-1 Supershow at Madison Square Garden in April. Click on the link above to listen to the full interview, where he also talks about WWE’s decision to move their Takeover event a day before the Supercard and his favorite MSG moment.

(h/t to William Windsor of Wrestling Inc. for the Transcription)

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On Taven’s desire to headline the G-1 Supercard:

“I mean, obviously, I’ve had my sights set on Madison Square Garden since it was announced, or even the rumors and the talk started. So, to me, that’s why this title defense against Dalton Castle is so important because I’m looking to be the headliner of Madison Square Garden. I want the top spot on Ring Of Honor’s biggest show. So going into Final Battle, you don’t need much motivation because it is the end of the year and it’s kind of the pinnacle as they’ve been touting of a year’s long journey of work, of injuries you might have fought through. It’s kind of this time right before you put a period on 2018 and that’s already a big enough stage as it is. But now, looking after that, to see that Madison Square Garden is right around the corner, and everything that’s happening that night is really going to set up what happens that night.”

Taven’s Ideal Match-Up for the G-1 Supercard:

“I  mean, people will continue to want to see the two champions collide. And, in particular, if I had to pick a match between Jay Lethal and Cody Rhodes, I feel like me and Cody went to war recently and me and Jay Lethal have some unfinished business from the last time we were stepping in the ring with one another. It was in New York City as well or out in Coney Island, I should say. But in the cage, the results didn’t go the way I wanted them to and it’s been something that always kind of bothered me and I would like to get my revenge on Jay Lethal. And if it was back in the New York City area, then it would kind of feel like it came full circle from that night at Field Of Honor.”