Figure Friday: WWE Fan Central Elite Series 2 – Carmella (Photos)

It’s that time of the week again, Figure Friday! This week we take a look at the brand-new Walmart exclusive WWE Fan Central Elite Series 2 Carmella action figure! This is her first “Elite” action figure and it’s pretty fabulous!

The Packaging

This series used to be at Toys R Us, before it closed sadly, and now it has a new home at Walmart, so the packaging may look familiar to you. It has the same black and orange color scheme as the previous set. You can see Carmella in the bubble packaging with her women’s MITB briefcase and her awesome necklace and hat. On the sides you can see an image of her as well as her name. Then on the back it talks about how the collectors/fans voted for her and whom else is in the set, which includes: Akira Tozawa, Mojo Rawley and Daniel Bryan!

The Head Scan

Once you remove Carmella from the packaging you’ll be fairly impressed with how much this figure looks like her. Of course it’s outdated now as she wears a different attire and dyed her hair recently, but this set was also delayed due to the Toys R Us debacle. Regardless, her scan looks amazing with the new True FX scanning technology. The detail in her eyes and facial features in general is simply fantastic, making this easily her best figure to date. Not only is the detail in her head scan, but her attire as well.

The Attire

Carmella’s attire is extremely detailed, which really makes the figure that much better. From the detailed hundred dollar bill prints scattered over her sports bra and pants to the word “Fabulous” on the trim of her bra and pants is remarkable. The finest details on this figure is what really makes it special and so sought after as Mattel went all out to perfect her outfit. You can get the jacket, as seen in the photo above, from Thread Head Custom Clothing to complete her look!

The Accessories

The MITB briefcase is a really nice accessory as collectors will want that to have for all the future women’s MITB winners. The detailed on it is great as they painted the handle and it opens as well, allowing you to put whatever inside should you choose. The MITB logo is printed on it as well.

Her hat is actually not rubber but more of a hard plastic, probably to help it keep the flat brim look like she wears it. You can see the “C ” on the front as well as the strap on the back in gold that’s actually perforated to mimic a real hat. Lastly, her necklace is actually not a full necklace in that you just tuck both ends of it under her hair, creating the illusion she is wearing it. Mattel most likely did this to make it easier to remove as her hair is so long and evasive of removing this accessory. The detail on it is great though.

The Articulation

Her articulation is the same as the older female figures in that she has the basic movement plus the ball jointed chest joint so you can pose her a bit better. She has the typical female wrists, one I’m not a fan of, as her hands are partially angled. Thankfully she has a hand that can hold the briefcase as sometimes they don’t have accessory hands.

The only complaint really with her articulation is that she doesn’t have ankle swivel joints, which is an interesting choice. Not sure if Mattel chose this due to all the detail and had to cut budget somewhere or what, but that may make it a little challenging to pose her at times.


I highly recommend picking up this figure. Yes it’s not current anymore but it is easily her best figure to date if you’re a fan of hers. The detail and accessories really make it worthwhile. Remember, you can only get her at Walmart as she comes on a big shipping display that says WWE Fan Central on it with other Fan Central figures as well as the new Survivor Series Elite figures.

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Thanks and I’ll see you next week!