Jay 'Christian' Reso
WWE wrestler Christian attends the photocall of 'WWE SmackDown 2009' in Paris. (Photo by Eddy LEMAISTRE/Corbis via Getty Images)

Christian Talks Wrestling Edge As Children, And Reveals An Embarrassing Goldust Story

Christian was on Prime Time with Sean Mooney, and he shared some entertaining stories about his early wrestling days. These included meeting Goldust at a bar, and how he had his first matches with Edge before they were actual wrestlers.

Transcription by WrestleZone Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

Meeting Goldust:

There wasn’t even a show in Toronto, but WWE wrestlers had a layover, and we went into this bar. There were a bunch of guys there, one of them being Goldust. I thought this was my opportunity to let him know that I was in the fraternity, one of the boys. So, I give him a nudge on the shoulder, and he turns around. He’s like “Hey,” and I’m like “Hey, man.” I thought I was being really cool, and I went “Kayfabe.” He’s just staring at me.

I put my hand up and said “It’s okay, I’m a worker.” He then goes “Oh, cool,” and turns back around and finishes the conversation [he was having prior]. So, I was thinking that didn’t quite go down how I expected it. I’m about to walk away, and he grabs me by the arm, and asks me what my wrestling name is. I said, “I wrestle as Christian Cage,” and he told me that he’d keep an eye out for me.

Fast forward all these years and we’re working together in WWF. I tell him the story in front of a bunch of guys, and we’re all laughing. After everyone had left, he was like “Was I a dick to you?” He was concerned that he was mean to me, and I said, “Listen, if the roles were reversed you were a lot nicer to me than I would be to you.”

His first “matches” with Edge:

Like any kid you sit inside your yard, and you dream. We used to draw wrestling cards, [come up with] dream matches of wrestlers from AWA, NWA, and from WWF. We’d put these match-ups that we never thought would happen, like Scott Hall versus Hulk Hogan, when Hall was big in AWA. We’d write these dream cards up and we would perform the matches in the living room. I’m not condoning that anyone tries this at home, and we didn’t do anything too crazy, but we would try to put the match together.

At that point a couple of small wrestling promotions rolled through town, and we somehow found out there was a local promoter involved. We hung around [a hotel he owned], and we met him. We said, “Look, we’d love to help with the show any way we can.” So, he said “You can set up the seats for us.” We setup all the chairs around ringside, and it was general admission, and people would rush in and take the seats. Since we helped we got front row seats and at intermission we slid into the ring. We did something where I threw him off the ropes and reversed it, and elbowed him or something, and the crowd reacted. They popped! It was the first taste of it. Next we see security running down the aisle, and they said “Sit in your seats or you’re gone.”


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