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Rob Van Dam Wants To Face Christian Cage, Adam Copeland, Or Chris Jericho

Rob Van Dam wants to mix it up with some veterans from his generation.

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has wrestled occasionally for AEW in recent months. The roster includes a number of legends, and RVD recently named a few that he wants to work with.

Speaking on 1 of a Kind with RVD, Rob Van Dam expressed his interest in facing veterans he has shared the ring with before.

“I would really like to work with one of my peers that I’ve worked with before. You put me up against a young new guy, they get a rub, it’s a good chance for them. I can still roll with them, that’s cool. But if we had say RVD versus Edge, RVD versus Christian, RVD versus Jericho, I’ve had some outstanding matches with all of those guys, and I have no doubt that if we were to get in a ring again, it would be f**cking outstanding, and they wouldn’t be one of the new young guys that doesn’t quite follow the same rulebook that I do. You change a few things, do a few things that wouldn’t be acceptable before, they’ve adapted.

“Maybe they’re gonna want me to do a couple of moves that I think are stupid or don’t make sense, I’m gonna have to talk them out of it. This here is gonna be like boom, let’s see what the experience that these guys in have in their minds, combined with the physical condition of RVD, that f**king specimen, and the other guys are still in working condition, too, so I would really be stoked to have a chance to do something like that.”

Rob Van Dam: People Would Be Blown Away

Rob Van Dam continued by noting that he would want a long match, and he thinks people wouldn’t be blown away by it.

“20 minutes, something, 15 at least,” he said. “A long match with somebody from closer to my generation that I can be myself and be the acrobatic one moving around them, just like I always was, but we can tell a great story that everyone understands. I’ll tell you what, I think that people would be blown away by the results of that, I really do.”

After noting that he always loved working with Christian Cage, he reiterated that he would want to face him, Copeland, and/or Jericho.

“It’d be great to work a program with Christian, and/or Edge, and/or Jericho,” he said.

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