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The Mighty’s Nick Miller & NXT UK’s Tucker No Longer On WWE Roster (Updated)

UPDATE: The Wrestling Observer offered up some new details regarding Miller’s exit:

Nick Miller returned to Australia when his baby was born and decided to stay. The door is not shut on his returning if he chooses to.

It looks like WWE’s developmental roster is receiving a slight makeover. Two names from NXT brands have been removed from WWE.com’s list of active competitors. Both Nick Miller, who teamed with Shane Thorne as The Mighty (previously known as TM-61 and The Mighty Don’t Kneel), and NXT UK competitor Tucker have been removed from the website. That means that they are likely released, although WWE hasn’t officially announced it.

Twitter user @SoDuTw, who has a good track record with NXT information (he previously revealed that Chelsea Green had been signed), confirmed the releases. Adding that Shane Thorne will stay in NXT as the company still has plans for him as a singles competitor.

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