Figure Friday: WWE Collector’s Edition Elite 63 – Bob Backlund (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday and this week we take a look at the brand-new WWE Collector’s Edition Elite 63 Bob Backlund figure! This figure will be shipping with cases of WWE Elite 63 and will only be available at Walmart in early 2019.

The Packaging

Bob comes in the typical Elite style packaging for 2019. This is his first time in the Mattel WWE line as well, which it mentions on the bottom left of the box. Not to mention there’s a special Collector’s Edition ribbon-style label at the bottom of the box. You can see him in his robe with his towel as well as a set of swappable hands and the Winged Eagle title. On the sides it has a large image of him as well as his name and on the back it just shows a standalone image of Bob with some statistics. Even though he ships with Elite 63 he is technically on his own, much like the other ones coming out will be.

The Attire

As you can see Bob has his all-blue attire on. Bob wore a very simple outfit in his day, which makes the figure not super exciting but he is very old school when it comes to his look. The robe and towel really make this figure pop honestly. If it weren’t for those accessories it wouldn’t have been too exciting of a figure. The robe is very nice for cloth goods as is the towel, which in my opinion really makes this figure worthwhile. The detail on his boots are nice with the laces as well as the white trim on the bottom. Thankfully he has that detail to make the figure pop a little bit once the robe is removed.

The Head Scan

Bob’s scan looks great. Mattel did a great job capturing a young Bob Backlund and the detail in his face as well as hair looks nice. The smug look on his face is a great touch, too.

The Articulation

Bob features the typical Elite style articulation, making him very poseable, such as recreating his crossface chickenwing finisher seen above. His knee pads thankfully don’t restrict much knee movement, but his ankle joints, at least on mine, are pretty stiff, making it tough to pose. Just be careful when trying to adjust his ankles/feet if yours is similar. He also has the swappable hands, so you can change out the fists he has to open hands as well.

The Accessories

I’ve already mentioned the robe, towel and swappable hands, but he also comes with the Winged Eagle title. If you don’t have this belt already it’s a great addition to your collection. The detail on it is nice, especially in the plates and side plates. There’s latches and holes to size the belt accordingly to whichever figure you decide to give the strap. The material of the belt may make it a little challenging to size properly, but you shouldn’t have too much of a problem if you’re patient with it. Just something I noticed with my belt.


I’d say the figure is pretty nice. It’s definitely for an old school/adult collector like myself who enjoys collecting anyone and everyone. I was never a fan of Bob but being it’s first Elite, and probably only, it is a nice figure to have. I don’t see kids picking him up unless they happen to be a completionist. Bob is going to be one per case at Walmart, which may be pretty difficult to find unless you come across a fresh case, or just an area where people don’t care about him. The figure is great though as Mattel really captured his look.

These figures will be chase figures, much like Funko does with their chase POPs, making them a bit of a commodity to come by. Pete Dunne will be exclusive to Target with Elite 64, Sherri Martel at Walmart with Elite 65 and Alexander Wolfe with Elite 66 at Target. Those are the only ones confirmed so far. Hopefully these won’t be super hard to come by but it’s something new Mattel is trying for 2019.

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