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49ers Star George Kittle On WWE’s ‘Messed Up’ Script & Brock Lesnar: ‘You’re Not Really A Champion If You Don’t Wrestle’

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After last week’s stunning victory over the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle rushed out of a press conference to get to WWE’s TLC pay-per-view as quickly as possible.

The NFL star is an enormous professional wrestling fan with plenty to say about the current product. Kittle told Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports, “I think the script is a little messed up right now. They said they were going to fix it, and I believe them. I’m looking forward to see what they do. You have Dean Ambrose back, and his feud with Seth Rollins is great.”

Fellow Iowa native Seth Rollins is Kittle’s favorite WWE Superstar. Kittle’s own Twitter profile picture (featuring Kittle administering a text book Stone Cold Stunner) is from a visit to Rollins’ school Black & Brave Wrestling Academy. Kittle talked more about what he enjoys most about professional wrestling, “One of my favorite things is when I see guys flying out of the ring 24-7. Ladders matches, stuff like that. I love when there’s not a single second of down time. Everyone getting pushed, fight, fight, fight, fall out of the ring, and the next guy comes in. He falls out, next guy comes in. It’s like a rotation of six guys.”

Although he didn’t make it in time to see the Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose match at TLC, Kittle was able to see his second favorite wrestler, Charlotte Flair, compete in the main event, “She does things that no one else does. She does a moonsault from the top rope to the ground. That’s awesome.”

Kittle’s wrestling fandom isn’t limited to WWE. He’s also a big Ring of Honor fan, “The fast-paced stuff is what really interests me. In Ring of Honor, they have guys that do 25-minute matches, but they feel like 5 minutes because there is so much stuff going on. You’re just like, ‘Oh my goodness. This is incredible.”

Kittle also had a little something to say about Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, “I hate it when there is a champion that doesn’t wrestle every week. Brock Lesnar wrestles maybe three times a year. I think that’s kind of hard for fans to watch because you’re not really a champion if you don’t wrestle. A championship match. That’s what really excites me.”

Although Kittle may love the chance to prove himself against Lesnar in a wrestling ring, he’ll have to wait. Due to his NFL contract, Kittle isn’t allowed to get physical outside of football, “I’m not allowed to really do anything. I obviously can’t get hurt.” If he does ever pursue an in-ring career, Kittle may have gotten off to a head start at TLC. He was introduced to both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Along with receiving a fist bump from WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Kittle calls the moment one of the highlights of his evening.

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