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Lanny Poffo Details The Graciousness & Integrity Of The Young Bucks

Lanny Poffo took to The Genius Cast where he opened up about his time at All In. It all started with current Ring Of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal, “Thanks to a very dear friend of mine, who is Jay Lethal, he decides to bring back Macho Man and bring me in as the brother from another mother and that’s how I got that break [All In]. Then Matt and Nick Jackson come up to me so politely and they say, ‘Would you be in our Being The Elite?’” Poffo responded, “Are you out of your mind? You don’t have to ask. Just tell me. I’m coming to you directly from the couch and I would love to be on your show. He said, ‘Do you mind saying this and this and doing that?’” Poffo replied, “Don’t ask. Tell me. I would love to be on it.”

Ultimately Poffo guested on Episode 101 of Being The Elite where he made a cameo appearance, but still wasn’t officially scheduled for All In. Jay Lethal told Poffo, “I have an idea. Can you fly yourself in and get a room?” The costs would be at Poffo’s expense, but Lethal urged him to keep his receipt. Still, there would be no guarantee that Poffo would be compensated. Poffo simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to participate in one of the most historic shows in wrestling history, so he booked a flight and a two night stay at a local hotel.

After the culmination of All In, Poffo received a letter in the mail, “I just want to say this because there’s a lot of people with no integrity in wrestling, but Matt and Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) sent me a letter with a check in it for more than reimbursing me. I’ll tell you what…it touched my heart that they would even do that because you know I didn’t draw that crowd. You know those fans would have had just as much fun without me and nobody even wanted to see me, but I wanted to be there and I can not believe, not only they reimbursed me, but they gave me a very very generous payoff.”

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone) 

Poffo’s special guest on this week’s edition of The Genius Cast was none other than Bill Apter of The Apter Chat. Readers may listen to the episode in its entirety below:

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