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Missy Hyatt Was Originally Supposed To Be Macho Man’s Valet

Missy Hyatt says she was almost Macho Man’s valet.

It’s hard to imagine a world where Miss Elizabeth wasn’t Randy Savage’s valet. However, if Savage didn’t have his way, he would’ve been accompanied to the ring by Missy Hyatt instead. The former WCW valet and commentator explained what happened during a recent appearance on GAW TV.

“I was originally supposed to be his valet. First off, when I was dating Jake Roberts, we were up late one night. We used to play gin rummy and do cocaine and talk wrestling,” Hyatt admitted. “We watched World Class Wrestling, and that was back when Sunshine and Precious were doing their thing. I was like, ‘Jake, that’s what I want to do. I want to be in wrestling.'”

Hyatt explained that she knew she wanted to be involved in wrestling ever since she saw The Freebirds when she was 17, but she didn’t want to necessarily be a wrestler. She feared breaking a bone on top of never properly being trained to compete. But that didn’t stop her from putting herself out there.

“I sent my pictures out to World Class and David Manning called me, and then Baby Doll got it. And then when me and John moved to Texas from the Carolinas, I sent my photos to George Scott, who was in the booker in WWF at the time,” Hyatt said. “He called me, and I think he thought I was somebody else — I’m not sure because George was not all there. But he was like, ‘We want you to be Randy Poffo’s valet,’ and it was really Randy Savage. And when Randy found out he was getting a valet or a manager, he wanted his wife to do it because he was cheap with the money, so he got his wife to do it instead.”

Hyatt explained that once Manning found out WWE called her, he approached her backstage at a show and offered to have her start working the following Friday. He also requested that she bring her purse, a prop that would become a signature part of her character.

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