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The Rock Crashes Kevin Hart’s Instagram Q&A; Sean Waltman On John Bobbitt’s RAW Appearance

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The Rock Crashes Kevin Hart’s IG Live Q&A

According to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, long-time friend Kevin Hart has a ‘stupid face’ that he’d really like to ‘punch a hole in.’ Kevin Hart appeared on Instagram for a Live Q&A session and Johnson simply could not resist the opportunity to take a jab at Hart, all in good fun, of course. The Rock took to Instagram to describe his own feelings when he saw Kevin Hart go live, “Ever hate someone so much you wish you could kill them with your eyes. While working out yesterday, I looked down at my phone and saw that my little chocolate biscuit shit son @kevinhart4real started IG’ng LIVE. I just had to stop in and say I love you and how proud I am of all his success and accomplishments.” Now that’s friendship.

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Sean Waltman On John Bobbitt’s RAW Appearance

Sean Waltman took to Twitter to talk about John Bobbitt’s appearance on RAW. For those that do not remember, John Wayne Bobbitt was the man who woke up one evening in 1993 to find his penis had been forcibly removed by his obviously disgruntled wife, Lorena. The couple later divorced in 1995. Bobbitt made lemons into lemonade, however and parlayed the ugly incident into some success for himself starring in adult films like Uncut and Frankinpenis. Bobbitt was even a guest star on an episode of RAW in 1998 where he appeared alongside Val Venis. Sean Waltman recalls, “This guy was brought to RAW & they gave him his own dressing room, while the crew was packed like sardines in other rooms. I took his name off the door & stuck it on the broom closet. Not sure if that’s where he dressed, but he wasn’t getting his own dressing room that night. Anyone that has a problem with this, hasn’t been on the road full time & then had to be crammed into a room where some didn’t have a place to sit & have to be your best for a TV match, while some guy gets his own dressing room because he got his d*ck cut off. F*ck that.”