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Toys That Made Us Detail Rare Kamala Figure, Zack Ryder Chimes In; Rob Schamberger Invites Other Wrestling Artists To Share Their Work

PARIS, FRANCE – MAY 19: Zack Ryder attends WWE Live AccorHotels Arena Popb Paris Bercy on May 19, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

Toys That Made Us Detail Rare Kamala Figure, Zack Ryder Chimes In

The hit Netflix series Toys That Made Us recently took to Twitter and posted the following regarding the exceptionally rare Hasbro yellow card moon belly Kamala figure, “Rumor has it that the “Moon Belly” version of this Kamala wrestling figure is so rare that Hasbro only produced 24 of them total! It’s somewhat of a mystery why the rest of the Kamala figures were produced with a star on his belly instead of Kamala’s trademark moon design, but some believe it was due to legal issue with Kamala’s rights to the moon belly design. This figure easily fetches between 3,000 & $10,000 on the collectors market. Hasbro’s Kamala moon belly figure is easily considered the rarest, most expensive wrestling figure around.”

Toys That Made Us also posted the following photos:

WWE Superstar and action figure expert Zack Ryder chimed in with his own take. Ryder pointed out that the moon belly Kamala figure shown isn’t actually authentic. The WWE Superstar hosts (along with Curt Hawkins) The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, a weekly podcast detailing his adventures in the world of action figure collecting. Ryder noticed that something didn’t add up about the Kamala figure pictured and added, “That’s not even a real moon belly Kamala figure in that picture.”

Ryder should know. The WWE Superstar apparently owns one of the rare 24:

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Rob Schamberger Invites Other Wrestling Artists To Share Their Work

WWE artist Rob Schamberger recently took to Twitter to encourage other wrestling inspired artists to reply with samples of their artwork, “If you make wrestling art, reply to this with examples of your work, a website so that people can see more if you have one, and how folks can get in touch with you. When we did this last year it led to some artists getting paid work and I want to do that for you again. If you want, use . I’m going to retweet everyone. Go! Share your wonders with the world!”

More than 165 artists responded to Schamberger’s generous offer. Those who shared their artwork received a retweet.

Some of the masterpieces include:


Readers can view all the amazing wrestling inspired art by heading to Rob Schamberger’s Twitter page: @robschamberger