Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results 2.1.19

Impact Wrestling Results

February 1st, 2018

Report By Lovell Porter for

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The Lucha Bros and Taurus vs LAX w/Konnan and Daga 

Santana and Penta slap hands. Fenix dropkicks Santana in the back. Penta boots Ortiz in the face. Taurus takes out Daga. Taurus hits a corkscrew suicide dive on Ortiz. Daga topes onto Taurus. Santana and Penta square off in the middle of the ring. Santana and Penta trade strikes and pin attempts. Santana lands a rolling cutter for a near fall. LAX and Daga all hit splash variations on Penta. Penta launches Daga out of the ring. Penta monkey flips Santan into Ortiz. Tiger feint by Fenix to Ortiz.

Fenix hits the ropes and runs right into a sidewalk slam. Daga and Taurus enter the ring. Taurus lands a series of kicks on Daga. Daga dumps Taurus over the top rope. Everyone dives onto everyone. After the break, Penta and Fenix hit double superkicks on Santana. Taurus drops Ortiz with his finisher. Ortiz kicks out. Penta and Fenix land a combo Fear Factor/top rope double stomp for the win!

Winners- The Lucha Bros and Taurus

After the match, Penta challenges LAX to another tag team title match.

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