Figure Friday: WWE Elite 65 Collector’s Edition – Sensational Sherri (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday already and this week we take a look at the Walmart Exclusive WWE Elite 65 Collector’s Edition Sensational Sherri! This figure is pretty tough to find at the moment as she is only one per case with shipments of Elite 65 to Walmart stores. Even though Elite 65 is just starting to ship she’s currently selling for big money on eBay and we’re thrilled we got our hands on her for cheap to review for you!

The Packaging

Sherri comes in the typical Elite style packaging; however, there’s a “Collector’s Edition” ribbon around the bottom of her box, which slightly differentiates her from the rest in the set. This is similar to the Bob Backlund and Pete Dunne figures in the previous waves that are limited store exclusives. You can see a large image of her on the side and back as well as some brief information and statistics about her on the back side.

The Attire

Once you remove Sherri from the packaging you can see her elaborate attire, which is made of cloth, making it a really nice figure as Mattel went above and beyond. They made her dress out of fabric with floral type designs going down the front as well as over her shoulders and to the middle of her back. Her dress even has poofy shoulders as well as long, oversized sleeves where her hands just barely show. Within the sleeves it glistens, giving the dress a little extra detail, which is awesome. To remove the dress it un-velcros on the chest area so you can pull her out of it and have her in her wrestling attire.

Her wrestling attire is pretty simple as it’s mainly just black with some hints of purple. Her chest has silver emblems going around the breast area while her back has detailed laces and straps going back and forth along the middle of her back. One odd thing is that you can see her bellybutton, which is probably just laziness on Mattel’s part by not giving her a “shirt” style abdomen piece to hide that. It just looks kind of silly. Moving down to her legs she has purple accents going around both thighs. Then lastly her boots, which are actually pretty detailed. I believe these are new boot molds as well as I don’t recall any of the other female figures having them. You can see the purple, white and silver accents as well as “SQS” on the outer sides of each boot, which is great attention to detail.

The Head Scan

Looking at Sherri’s head scan I’d it looks like her for the most part I’d say. They have her lipstick and beauty mark as well as face paint and her stringy hair pretty accurate. And of course they included her tiara or crown, which is actually removable. It slides into two tiny holes on both sides of her forehead, hidden within her hair, to secure it in place. I love Mattel is able to hide things like that to make a figure look more authentic and reduce the risk of losing the accessory. It fits so securely there’s really no way of losing it, which is awesome.


Sherri is a pretty nice figure. It’s not the most exciting figure but she’s an old school figure with a more simple look. The dress really makes it a lot better and more exciting to display in my opinion. She has the typical Elite articulation and annoying female hand molds you can’t do a whole lot with. Granted they gave her an open hand that can hold accessories like microphones and such, but the females really are overdue for some new molds. Hopefully we so those next from Mattel in the near future! Besides that it’s great for old school collectors, who are mainly the ones scooping her up and selling her. Try not to spend crazy money on her right now as her set is literally just starting to show up at Walmart. You can get the Elite 65 version of the set without her on (SAVE 10% with discount code MBG) if you’d rather not wait to grab the others! It’s a pretty nice set. I recommend picking her up though because if she’s selling for a lot now just imagine what she’ll be priced at later! Best of luck hunting her down!

You can see a video review of her here:

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