Sean Waltman Talks WWE HOF Induction & Chyna: ‘It Would Be So Nice, If She Were Still Around For This’

New WWE Hall of Famer Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman was today’s guest on Busted Open Radio. The DX member opened up about darker times in his life, “You guys know my story and I’m sure a lot of people out there do. I went through several years of wandering around in the darkness.”

Waltman expected to one day be in the Hall of Fame, but didn’t think he’d be alive to enjoy the honor, “I kind of thought eventually someday, somehow I would be Hall of Fame whether it was nWo, DX, or whatever and honestly, I thought it would probably happen when I was no longer around. The fact that – and knock on wood because we’re not there yet – I made it to this point and I’m still alive is huge for me.”

Waltman opened up about Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer, who passed away in 2016, “Not all of us live to make it up to that stage and talking about her [Chyna], there’s a lot of things I start thinking about. Obviously, Joanie and I – it was very tumultuous, an incredibly unhealthy relationship, but we loved each other and it brought back all the good memories.”

He continued, “She was an amazing person and obviously she went through the mental illness stuff and just all the things that she dealt with. I’m kind of jumping all around here because talking about it is a sensitive subject, but Goddamn it would be so nice, if she were still around for this.”

Readers may listen to Waltman’s remarks in full below:

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