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Col. Robert Parker On Sid Vicious Nearly Stabbing Arn Anderson To Death

Sid Vicious is known for his temper in and outside of the ring. One time that his rage was out of control was during WCW’s United Kingdom tour, where he got into an altercation with Arn Anderson that left the Four Horsemen member nearly dead with 20 stab wounds from a pair of scissors. Sid’s manager at the time, Col. Robert Parker, was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV to give his side of the story.

On why Sid was on edge:

They went without me and I’ll tell you the straight up truth. Sid was doing his steroids. Boy, did he look good. When he went he knew that he wouldn’t be able to take his steroids [on the tour]. So, I knew he took an awful lot of stuff. The first night that they’re there, he’s ready to explode. This is what I hear and I’m sure I got the story. If I had been there with him it wouldn’t have happened. I know Sid and his possibilities, I could get ahead of the game and make sure those things wouldn’t happen. I wasn’t there, so he was on his own.

The bar scuffle that started things:

He got into a confrontation in a bar with Arn Anderson and Steve Austin. He insulted Arn and Steve. They tried to laugh it off, but it went on and on. Finally, Arn threw a drink at him. An altercation ensued and the agents closed the bar. They sent the guys back to their rooms.

How Sid sneakily got the upper hand at the hotel:

Arn is trimming up his beard with a little pair of scissors. Sid goes to his room, tears up a chair and takes the leg of it to Arn’s room. Arn hears a knock at the door and it’s Sid. He goes, “Arn, let’s go to bed on better terms. We’ve got a long trip. Open up and we’ll shake hands.” So, Arn does. Then Sid [hits him with the chair leg].

What happened afterwards according to Steve Austin:

Arn falls to the floor. Sid is trying to beat his brains out with the chair leg and Arn takes the scissors and sticks them into Sid. The fight starts again and they fight over the scissors until Sid gets them. Arn then takes off and runs to the elevator. He makes it there but it don’t come quick enough. Sid catches him and stabs him 28-30 times trying to kill him. Very bad.

Learning of Sid’s firing after the tour is over:

I went to the first show back and I see Dustin Rhodes. I go, “Hey, have you seen Sid?” He goes, ‘What? That no good S.O.B.?” I had no clue about it. Then he tells me the story and I hear it from all the guys. I’m thinking, does this mean I’m finished? I had nobody to manage. Eric Bischoff came to me and said, “Hey, you’re not planning on leaving?” I said I’m not going anywhere and I’m sorry to hear about Sid but that’s life.

Check out the full clip below:

Transcription by Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

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