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IMPACT Wrestling Must-See Moments: Ace Austin Debuts, Rosemary Claims Allie’s Soul, And More

IMPACT Wrestling Must-See Moments

IMPACT Wrestling has listed its top five must-see moments from the latest episode. Number one on the list is Rosemary claiming Allie’s soul. The list also includes Ace Austin’s debut in IMPACT Wrestling.

You can watch the video below:

Glenn Gilbertti Sees Cody and The Young Bucks?

Also on IMPACT Wrestling, Glen Gilbertti (aka Disco Inferno) had a funny segment where he thought he ran into wrestling personalities like Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett. As he was making his way to find Don Callis, he ran into Matt, Nick and Cody. He then asks if he could join All Elite Wrestling before realizing that they weren’t AEW’s Executive Producers.

You can watch the video below: