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Ace Steel: Pro Wrestling Faces The Challenge Of Creating Must-See Content Each Week

Does it matter to the average viewer that IMPACT Wrestling tapes a month in advance? Ace Steel doesn’t think so.

Ace Steel was a recent guest on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When co-host Dennis Farrell said that it doesn’t matter that IMPACT Wrestling is taped a month ahead of time, Steel agreed and said that’s the way of the world right now.

“100%. It’s just the way of the world,” Ace Steel said. “Again, a lot of the shows I watch what I’m interested in; I was having this conversation yesterday; there’s a show on Netflix, it’s not a plug for them because I would get nothing from it, The Diplomat with Keri Russell. I like the verbiage; I like what they’re doing on the show.

“I’m a fan of Keri Russell from the show, not from the one she was on the CW a million years ago, but she was on a show called The Americans that I loved, which they were spies from Russia. But I actually flaked out on that show. I actually couldn’t tell you what happened in life that I just turned and had a lot of other things going on that I never got back to it to finish it.

“Well, I saw she’s on this new show on Netflix, and I started watching it. I don’t know that I would make time throughout the week if she was on Tuesday night, that show was on at 7 p.m., to carve out that niche for it. I think it’s a great show. But I don’t know that it’s must-see TV for me to drop right then and there. I’m not really a binger, either. But if I’m into it, I want to see it, and I want to finish the story.”

Ace Steel went on to question in the world of on-demand what is considered must-see television anymore, citing CM Punk‘s return to All Elite Wrestling on Collision as a prime example.

“But what is must-see TV anymore, except for a sporting event or something that you’re so interested in, you can hook them and go, ‘You know what? I need to see the return of CM Punk on Saturday on Collision, the debuting Collision that’s coming up; I need to see that,” Ace Steel said. “We hope that the world turns on to see this new show. Well, guess what? That’s week one. What do we do with week two? Week three? He’s here, so what do we do to bring them back? That’s the challenge. So it’s just a crazy world with on-demand now.

“I remember thinking that, when I first got a BluRay DVD of wrestling, thinking, ‘My god, this is the future. I can stop, start whenever, all this content on the DVD.’ YouTube was around, but in its infancy, and now things like that, platforms and buttons that you can find everything. It’s just insane. If anyone here is younger than you or I, way younger, they don’t understand the days of the videotapes and not having this readily available to you.”

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