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Enzo Amore: ‘We Made $8 Million On The Certified G Shirt’

Another new clip from Enzo Amore’s shoot video with the Title Match Network has been released, and in it, Amore discusses just how much he and Big Cass made from merchandise sales, and how little he was making during WWE shows.

“There’s that double-edged sword in the business of pro wrestling. Being humble does not work as well as being aware,” he said. “If you’re aware of who you are, the impact you have on the draw, the house, the stands, the merchandise, and you understand that maybe, in the history of our business – in about a three to four year window – no one has made the WWE more money than me and Big Cass.”

Amore went on to explain more about the merchandise sales and how much he was receiving for shows. “As far as asses in seats and merchandise go, because you have to understand, they’re getting us at league minimum. Minimum salary contracts, and I make 2.5% of merchandise sales, Big Cass makes 2.5% of merchandise sales. We make $8 million on the ‘Certified G’ shirt in a rookie year. On the minimum salary and contract, not including draws on houses that when we sit in, people are buying our shirts. They’re coming there to see us, and we’re getting paid $600 a show for Monday Night RAW, getting paid $1,000 to be in the Barclays Center for a show. There’s people who are sitting in the front row who are paying more money for their seat then I’m making that night.”

At the end of it all, Amore seemed at peace with how things went, and stressed the importance of having a vision in life. “But, had I not been given the opportunity off of the back of a moving truck, had I not ate the s— sandwiches of Bill DeMott and Triple H, had I not dealt with all the stuff, and…life is about doing things that you don’t want to do, because you have a vision. That’s why I love taking a long drive, because the other end of a long drive is a destination. In life, you have to have a destination, and I always knew where I wanted to go in the business of pro wrestling, and no one else saw my vision. And it’s hard for me to explain to people, but I can’t explain it to people because they never lived the business in my shoes.”

Transcription by WrestleZone.com’s Anthony Nash

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