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Triple H Credits His Mom For DX’s Dick Jokes, Shawn Michaels Offers A ‘Heartfelt Apology’

During their induction into the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame, D-Generation X exhibited the kind of wildness that you’d expect from the group. After going through each induction speech, Triple H took a part out of his own to apologize to the many children that the group may have gotten in trouble thanks to their antics.

When it comes to the group and its iconic tag line, Triple H made sure to give credit to the person who created it, jokingly blaming his mother for the root of it all. “My Mom Is The Master Of The Penis Joke,” Triple H joked as he told those in attendance to blame her for any possible suspensions or groundings they may have received as children. From there, Shawn Michaels issued a “heartfelt” apology on behalf of the group, taking some of the blame as well.

Of course, a D-X moment wouldn’t be much without them telling the crowd what to do, and at the end of the speech, Billy Gunn took the mic and, with the help of the crowd, told everyone what to do if they didn’t like the group being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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