WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results (4/8/19)

WWE RAW Results 

April 8, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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WrestleMania Results

In Ring Segment: Seth Rollins

Rollins says he has waited too long to hold the Universal title over his head. Rollins says he has to be honest. Rollins feels terrible today. Rollins may have used some questionable tactics to gain an advantage but it isn’t anything Brock Lesnar wouldn’t have done to him. Rollins heard that after the match Lesnar and Paul Heyman left to take some meetings in Las Vegas. As far as Rollins is concerned they can stay there. Rollins is the reigning, defending, champion that everyone can be proud of. The New Day interrupt. A loud “Kofi” chant breaks out. Kingston says he can tell Rollins is very confused. Kingston says this isn’t the superstar shakeup, that’s coming next week (really?). The New Day give Rollins props for his victory last night. The New Day goes bonkers announcing that Kingston did the unthinkable last night, winning the WWE Championship. Big E. does a full split which was pretty impressive. Kingston says Becky Lynch won a winner take all match last night. Kingston wants to do the same. Kingston challenges Rollins to a winner take all match tonight. Rollins accepts.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Hawkins and Ryder (c) vs. The Revival

Wilder runs into a clothesline by Ryder. Hawkins tags in and he and Ryder hit a combo Russian leg sweep/neck breaker. Wilder drives Hawkins into the corner. Dawson tags in and stops Hawkins. Dawson and Wilder take turns working over Hawkins. Ryder tags in and clears the ring. Broski boot by Ryder. Hawkins tags in and lands a diving elbow. Wilder kicks out. Hawkins hurt his knee in the process. Dawson hits a brainbuster on Hawkins out on the floor. Burning hammer/flying knee combo by the Revival. Ryder kicks out. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Ryder. Hawkins is the legal man. Hawkins rolls up Dawson for the win.

Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions, Hawkins and Ryder

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