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Positive Update For Kamala As Fans (And Chris Jericho) Help Save His Family’s Home

It was reported by in early April by ProWrestlingStories.com that wrestling legend James “Kamala” Harris and his family were in danger of losing their home to the government after owing the state of Mississippi over $12,000 in property tax, but it appears that the Ugandan Giant has weathered that scary storm in thanks to the donations of fans and a last minute donation by Chris Jericho.

B Brian Blair, the president and CEO of the famed Cauliflower Alley Club, along with WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry helped to set up a Go Fund Me campaign for Harris and Blair shared the positive update on the situation yesterday morning via his Facebook page:

Dear friends/supporters,

You all have been “God Sent,” your support for James “Kamala” Harris will never be forgotten and we will thank every one of you personally, as time allows. As you can see, because of your generosity, we have exceeded the Harris family’s eminent needs…this is amazing! We want to officially end this campaign as of now (Midnight April 21st), and once again cannot thank you all enough! Both the MS State and County tax assessors will be paid in full, and the remainder will stay with the James “Kamala” Harris family to fix their Ford Excursion with almost 400,000 miles on it. FYI, since the Harris family will have paid their state taxes, they will now be able to file an exemption and never have property taxes again (age 65, per MS law, however this cannot be done if you owe the state $)…this is a great law and you may want to remind your state representatives to follow the lead of the MS Congress, if your state does not allow this!

On behalf of James “Kamala” Harris, Mark Henry and me, may you be blessed for your kindness,

B Brian,

B Brian Blair

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