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Billy Corgan on Why He Got Into Wrestling, Bringing Back The Crockett Cup

Billy Corgan was the surprise guest on Justin Credible’s “I Hate This Podcast” right before the NWA’s Crockett Cup. He spoke at length with his longtime friend about the upcoming event as well as why he got into the business in the first place.

Why do you want to be in the business?

You don’t really realize the opportunity of the pro wrestling business. Pro Wrestling hasn’t yet reached its peak, which is hard to believe when I just stood in a stadium with 82,000 people watching WrestleMania. We’re getting into territory now that 20 or 30 years ago that the boys couldn’t have been imagined.

When you look at The Rock’s status as the biggest star in Hollywood, he’s punched through that glass ceiling that people can come from wrestling and be in the mainstream. You see it with Cena as well, he just hosted The Ellen Show. The ability for stars to go out of wrestling and go to a bigger stage, that speaks to the marketability of the wrestling fan. Just The Rock’s career opens up the earning potential of any top wrestler.

Bringing Back The Crockett Cup

I’m a big fan of tag team wrestling. Over the past fifteen years, tag teams haven’t been what they could be. Part of the reason we want to bring back the Crockett Cup is to establish the importance of tag team wrestling in the modern day.

On the Women’s Title situation

Allysin Kay, who was Sienna back in TNA, she was slated to face Jazz. When Jazz said she couldn’t appear, we had to scramble to find someone credible. We didn’t want to do something lame like “winner gets a title shot”. We feel that this is a show where lots will be turning in, we want to put our best foot forward. We found someone who we thought was credible in former NWA Women’s Champion Santana Garrett. We got a strong response to the announcement on social media, fans immediately went to “I want to see this match”. I feel really good about it.

You can listen to the full show at the link below. Billy also goes into The Rock and Roll Express and the rise of women’s wrestling in the business among other topics.

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