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X-Pac Reacts To The Lucha Underground Situation, Talks With Ron Funches About Ric Flair Roast

On the latest episode of X-Pac 1 2 360, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman gives his thoughts on the recent controversies surrounding Lucha Underground contracts.

When you’re in a situation where you don’t really have leverage , you either kinda sign the boiler plate fn contract or you don’t. It’s just like when I first went to WWE in 93’ and they sent me that contract, I was either signing it or I wasn’t. And so I can understand why they {the talent} do that {sign}…. Even if they {LU} were trying to {come back}, you’re creating such bad will with anyone, you just don’t want that poison in the water supply of the talent that’s already there or that you’re forcing to stay there…These contracts and these no-compete clauses if they’re challenged in court I am pretty sure for the most part the talent can win that but that means you gotta fight it, that mean you gotta have money for a lawyer. Also when a potential employer sees that it’s too much of a pain in the ass to fuck with {the contract} and some people don’t even want to mess with those guys because they’re tangled up in that. And it’s such a shame.  

X-Pac also invites Ron Funches onto the show to talk about Lucha Underground as well as the upcoming Starrcast roast of Ric Flair

Ron Funches Talks About The Upcoming Roast of Ric Flair During Starrcast Week in Las Vegas.

I can’t believe it, when Conrad asked me if I could be apart of the roast, he didn’t even tell me who we were gonna roast. I did it last year with Bruce Prichard, and I definitely wanted to be at Double or Nothing either way. And I said, ‘Yeah man, I’d love to be involved.’…And when he told me it was going to be Ric Flair; just from my special and Ric Flair being in my special and we kinda started a friendship there. I went to his birthday party this last year, to me I am truly living a dream and it’s just a shame I gotta go and mock him relentlessly {laughs}….. I know Tony Schiavone is gonna be there, I think that’s something I could announce. There’s a lot of people that I know, that I can’t announce that are very very exciting, just real big actual celebrities even outside of the wrestling world. If you saw who was at his birthday party, it’s kinda similar to that. I am definitely not gonna blow the whistle on who’s gonna be there but it’s gonna blow last year out of the water. I am preparing for this as hard I prepared for my comedy special, I am gonna knock it out of the park, I am gonna be a good host, I am probably not gonna be the meanest cause I know we’re gonna have some really mean comics there and it’s kinda my job to be the host and you know move the party along but I am gonna tell the truth that’s for sure {laughs}. And I am gonna talk trash, and I am gonna make sure the shows goes great. {laughs} I am gonna make sure it’s a night to remember and a night Ric Flair will definitely remember.

Ron Funches Talks About His Own Experience with Lucha Underground and Rejecting Their Offer For a One-Time Project

I have my own personal thing with that because it made me really happy that I have my manager. Because I was actually gonna do a sketch with Lucha Underground and I guess Johnny Mundo, but my manager read their contract and it had all this language about exclusivity and they would own the right to the character Ron Funches and all this other stuff and I am like, ‘I am coming in for a 5 minute sketch, you’re gonna pay me like $400.” And I really still wanted to do it because you know how much I love wrestling, my manager was like ‘there’s no way, I can let you sign this contract if case they ever actually try to go for this exclusivity. And now seeing that they’re actually doing it with the wrestlers that they signed, I am very lucky, it made me feel like you guys {wrestlers} should have more representation and things of that nature because they have horrible contracts. And it sucks, they’re legal, they’re not moral but they are legal. So hopefully they can get out of them.

You can listen to the full episode of X-Pac’s podcast embedded below. Transcripts provided by X-Pac 1 2 360

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