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Ric Flair: I Try To Stay Relevant, Involved In So Many Different Things

Ric Flair is all about staying busy and in the limelight.

There are a handful of talent in the professional wrestling business who still try to stay relevant and active in the sport. One such star is the 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. The Nature Boy is currently under contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Recently, while speaking in an interview for SBNation, Ric Flair opened up about his current run and being prominently featured on television.

“Oh, it’s been great. I mean it doesn’t change. They’re all very respectful of me, to the point where it’s flattering. You know, I try to stay relevant, involved in so many different things now still which is unusual for someone my age. I mean, even though I work for AEW, I can go to a WWE show and no one says anything. I’m not gonna not see my daughter when she’s back and healthy. I’m going to go and see her and Tony [AEW owner Tony Khan] doesn’t care. That’s the kind of guy Tony is, and what AEW is,” Ric Flair said.

Flair also shared how he goes through the process of storytelling.

“Well it just depended on who I was wrestling, it was a different story with every different opponent, if that makes sense. I can’t really explain it, with Steamboat we didn’t even talk we just knew we were going, we worked that many hours together. And with Sting it was an opportunity to kind of have a teaching process, but he caught on so quickly and he became so easy to work with. We were out there just having fun.”

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