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Former WWE Manager Rico: ‘For The Last Few Years, I’ve Been Sick’

In an interview with The Hannibal TV, former WWE manager Rico stated that he’d been sick with multiple maladies for the past several years. He states that he had issues with blood clotting, tinnitus, and vertigo, and all these issues stem from his history with concussions. “I was in bed 20 hours a day, I was on 15 prescriptions, three different shot therapies. I just kind of surrendered to it and was biding my time until the good Lord took me home.”

Rico has since recovered, saying that his turnaround came thanks to an old friend who pointed him towards a vegan lifestyle. He went on an all juice diet for several months and lost 70 pounds. He’s also been back in the gym three days a week for the past seven weeks and seems to be in much higher spirits about the future.

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