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Rico Recalls Big Show Showing His Temper Against A Tough Enough Recruit

While trading stories on The Lewis Nicholls Show, former WWE personality/manager Rico remembered a particular moment early in his WWE run. He and Funaki were in the locker room across from Big Show talking with an unidentified wrestler from the first iteration of Tough Enough. Rico had seen the same star earlier fail to sell one of Big Show’s slam during a demonstration. What happened next just contributes to the legend of one of WWE’s best big men.

Funaki and I are standing a locker room apart and I hear Big Show get mad and I turn and this Tough Enough kid was smarting off to Big Show and Big Show took that hand and hit him in the chest and this guy flew I’m saying seven feet, eight feet in the air with his arms and legs like this right pass Funaki and I into the locker and down. And then Show walked away and I just looked at Funaki and went. “At least he’s not mad at me!” And there that boy sat for a few minutes pondering what just happened.

Rico continues that Big Show doesn’t usually have a temper, so it was certainly a memorable moment. The clip also includes some interesting house show memories from Rico wrestling Show on the house show circuit. Let’s just say, a fan’s soda isn’t a great substitute for a painkiller.

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