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Todd Pettengill On His Relationships With Gorilla Monsoon & Randy Savage

Todd Pettengill was a recent guest on Prime Time with Sean Mooney and the former WWF interviewer spoke about his relationship with WWE Hall Of Famer Gorilla Monsoon. Pettengill called Monsoon a very caring person and also talked about his storied reputation for his luck at casinos:

“I was always the kid to him. The stories of him, especially in a Vegas setting, they’re the stuff that movies are made of. He’d be in the casino and you hear that he loses $400,000. The next night he goes back and you hear that he’s won $600,000. If you ever went up to Gene or anyone else in his circle, Gorilla Monsoon was the first guy to go into his pocket for anything. If you were shooting with him and you want a soda or whatever, he’d go into his pocket. Out would come this 7-inch wad of money, and he’d say “What do you need? You need a $20?” He was the most giving, caring, genuine person that I’ve ever come across. What a guy, you almost tear up when you think about it.”

Pettengill also talked about his relationship with “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who he

“That was one that was dropped upon me. He was such a charismatic entertainer that they needed him on camera even if he wasn’t wrestling as often. So they asked if he could do Mania, and I thought that would be awesome. I don’t know if you remember, but I dressed up as him for his first show. I think I wore the Slim Jims outfit. His genuine reaction of humor and being cool with it, that’s how our relationship started. We became fast friends, we’d talk on the phone, he was one of those guys that was genuine as well.”

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