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Tye Dillinger On Not Capitalizing On The ‘Perfect 10’ Character, Says He Pitched A Storyline For A Brief NXT Title Reign

Former WWE Superstar Tye Dillinger was recently a guest on “E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness.” Dillinger talked about several professional wrestling topics; such as where he felt things went wrong during his WWE run, speaking with Triple H, making the decision to ask for his release, and more.

Dillinger, now going by Shawn Spears on the independent scene, explained where he felt things went wrong, saying he doesn’t think they got as much out of his ‘Perfect 10’ character as they could have. He also said he pitched an idea to win the NXT Championship at TakeOver to get a feel good moment at the pinnacle, and lose it back at the next TV tapings because it would have been a good payoff for the character.

“A lot of guys want the main events and they want the titles – and sure, those things are great. That’s what you aspire for in this industry and those things are great. My thing was I just, I was curious to how much they could’ve got out of the Perfect 10 character. Just with the momentum and the popularity, when something like that kind of catches, the business side of things you want to milk it for all it’s worth and then move aside and the next thing comes up. I don’t feel we – best word is capitalized. I don’t think we capitalize on the entire thing.

I feel the story of being here, being gone, coming back, transforming into this, finally having something people can grab on to, and then paying it off in one grand spectacle of a moment, tying it together, would’ve been a fine way to do it. And I think I did pitch an idea to win a title at a TakeOver, and then lose it immediately at a TV taping that Wednesday. Because it wasn’t about the title, it was about the climb. It was about the journey through, and then accomplishing it. It was the only title, I think, in NXT at the time. And I think I was in a program with Bobby Roode. He was the champion at the time – I can’t exactly remember what it was, but I just thought we had a really good, feel-good story overall that we just missed taking advantage of.”

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