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Paige Defends ‘Kabuki Warriors’ Moniker After Fan Backlash

On last night’s edition of SmackDown, Paige’s new tag team tandem of Asuka and Kairi Sane wrestled under the name “Kabuki Warriors.” Many saw this as a racially charged name/gimmick in the same vein as Cryme Tyme and the Mexicools. That sentiment extended out to Twitter, and Paige responded to one fan with some additional information.

You know it was the girls who chose their name right? Well technically they wanted “kabuki girls” but it was changed to kabuki warriors. Chill

It’s well known that talent generally gets to pick from a variety of WWE approved names in cases when a name change is in order. It’s why we know that Steve Austin was potentially Chilly McFreeze in the formational days of his Stone Cold character.

Considering this, it’s entirely possible that Kabuki Girls/Kabuki Warriors was the best case scenario on a list of approved suggestions. Or, it’s entirely possible that wrestling fans on the Internet are overreacting and Kairi and Asuka are into the name. Either way, the Kabuki Warriors look to be a dominant part of the women’s tag team division in WWE.

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