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Randy Orton Approves Of ‘Smartass’ Ali & Taking Two Bumps In Ladder Matches

Randy Orton‘s Twitter handle is a can’t miss in the big blue birdhouse as The Viper strikes with zinger time and time again.  It typically involves his fellow WWE colleagues, both of the present and former nature, and two of his latest quips come from the sources of Ali and Tye Dillinger.

Ali got a tad smarmy after Brock Lesnar big-footed his way into the Money In The Bank ladder match, claiming that it was the most wrestling The Beast has done this year.  Orton approved of such dialogue, calling Ali a “smartass.”

Orton later questioned the legitimacy of the scuttlebutt that Shawn Spears (aka: Tye Dillinger) and Tyler Breeze have opened a wrestling school. When Spears confirmed that Flatback Training was indeed a tangible form of tutelage, Randy was ready for some additional form of education.

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